Spokane Newborn Photographer / In Home Baby Session

You might wonder what type of photos you'd get if I go to your house to take photos of your little one. Of course every home is different, so it gives me some unique opportunities to use the nursery, living room or your bedroom as backdrops. I also am able to bring some things with me to capture baby alone, similar to what I'd do in studio. A big window is always helpful, but I have portable lights I can set up as well. The following slideshow shows a sample of an in home newborn session, showing almost all the images the client sees... they saw a bit more due to different expressions they may prefer over others. There are plenty to choose from to make sure everyone is happy and I didn't miss anything along with being able to make a nice album if wanted. All final images shown are fully edited to show the end result before client views them. I like to showcase a handful in black and white to show how those look, but I keep the color version in case you prefer that. Of course, every session is unique, but I have never shown more than a few images in a blog post from each session and thought it would be helpful for you to see all the images from this type of session...

... As you can see, my job is fun when I can look at a sweet face like that! :)

I will post some more soon of different types of sessions as well!