Professional Photographers at Play / After Dark Education in Dallas, TX

After 6 WPPI's and numerous other conventions/workshops over the years, this past week I had the pleasure of attending the most hands on photography experience I've ever been to. It's called After Dark. Some may wonder what that means, but it means exactly that! The real learning begins at night. My days started early to get in line to rent the equipment I wanted to play with that day. Canon was kind enough to do free clean and checks on 2 pieces of everyone's equipment as well. Mentor meet and greets and vendors were available mid morning. Small groups gathered starting at 1:30pm. At that time I'd go out shooting or attend a classroom listening to some amazing photographers! I got to watch, work and chat with: Beth Jansen, Chuck Arlund, Jason Groupp, Julie Klaasmeyer, Kathy Holcombe, Leslie Spurlock, Matt Lucas, Mike Ridinger, Peter Holcombe, Stephanie Zettl, Dave Junion and Victoria Myszka... and that was only a third of the mentors there! There was not one question during this that I wasn't able to ask. The groups were small and everyone was heard. The mentors were able to stop and answer anything. This continued until midnight. After midnight it was play time! We had beautiful models the entire 3 days available for us to practice on too. I met some really great people and learned lots! Although I only slept 3-4 hours each night for 5 days, I'm ready to do it again! Check out the images below to see some of the shoots I worked on this week. Working with Julie Klassmeyer...

and Julie Klassmeyer's beautiful daughters modeled for us in Beth Jansen's class. Her youngest is already a professional photographer!

Beth Jansen working her natural light talent.Working with Leslie Spurlock... another natural light talent!Working with Chuck Arlund and Jason Groupp. Below you'll see their "ghetto ring flash", but it works!

Chuck Arlund boudoir session in the hotel room...

And some more shots... the bottom right was one of my lovely roommates.

As you can see I had 3 full days of fun, shooting and learning. Can't wait to do it again!