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Chehalis Wedding Photographer / Nikki and Matt at The Barn on Jackson

About a month ago, October 27th, I had the pleasure of photographing Nikki and Matt’s wedding in Chehalis, WA. A destination wedding for them coming all the way from South Carolina, so not quite as far for me to travel across the state! It was so worth it for this beautiful wedding at The Barn on Jackson. We were fortunate to have some perfect weather for the girls’ photos before it rained as predicted. As you can see in the photos it did definitely rain that day, however, when looking at these it doesn’t show the downpour we worked through with the guys’ photos and the ones of just Nikki and Matt together. As stressful as rain sounds on a wedding day, Nikki was able to relax a little knowing pictures would happen no matter what! Even if the photographer had to take a shower in the rain. :) In the end the day was captured and the memories were made. It was truly a beautiful wedding with so much thought put into it. What a wonderful weekend get-a-way for all the family and friends that were able to join them. ❤️

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Brett and Eric

My friend's baby sister got married last weekend! I photographed her senior pictures when I was just getting my business started and now it's her wedding. She also is an amazing makeup artist and she went all the way to the Oregon Coast to do my wedding makeup 10 years ago! So happy for her to have her special day and for them to start this new chapter in life. They tied the knot on the weekend of their 8 year anniversary on her uncle's property (which he'd love to do more weddings there if anyone is looking for a place... not far from downtown Spokane off of Highway 195 - let me know!). When Brett first told me she was getting married she said she wanted a simple wooded late evening wedding. It was perfect! From her dad playing his guitar walking her down the aisle to the tent set up in the backyard for their overnight stay, it was exactly what they wanted. Although they didn't need toasts and cake cutting, these traditions still happened. The cupcake surprise from Brett's sister was too funny. 💩 just got real! 😂 But seriously isn't she GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations Brett and Eric!

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Kryssa and Austin at Commellini Estates

I had so much fun meeting and working with Kryssa and Austin last weekend during their beautiful wedding at Commellini Estates. I love how Commellini offers so many different looks all over their property, along with amazing food and staff of course! Kryssa and Austin had a day that came together perfectly. So much fun for them on the dance floor toward the end of the night with Complete Music! Oh and can't forget the cute indoor s'more making table for dessert! Congrats to this happy couple... hope you guys are enjoying Alaska honeymoon. :) Commellini Estate getting ready Commellini Estate wedding  Commellini Estate weddingCommellini Estate wedding Commellini Estate wedding

Commellini Estate wedding Commellini Estate wedding Commellini Estate wedding Commellini Estate wedding reception Commellini Estate wedding Commellini Estate wedding reception

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Melissa and Brandon at Big Barn Brewery

Melissa and Brandon most likely got the last HOT day of summer last weekend on September 12th. Their wedding was at Big Barn Brewery on Greenbluff. The hops growing makes for a fun background along with capturing the evening sunset light in the fields and orchard. They had the cutest photobooth called Happy Camper Photobooth! Melissa was always smiling and such a beautiful bride... and I think by the end she was excited for her mystery honeymoon location the next day! Big Barn Brewery Wedding Big Barn Brewery Wedding Big Barn Brewery Wedding Big Barn Brewery Wedding Big Barn Brewery Wedding Big Barn Brewery Wedding Big Barn Brewery Wedding Big Barn Brewery Wedding Big Barn Brewery Wedding Big Barn Brewery WeddingView their slideshow below...

Spokane Wedding Photographer / MacKenzie and Ben at Camden Ranch

MacKenzie and Ben held their wedding at Camden Ranch in Elk, WA on August 15th. This was my first time photographing at Camden Ranch, which features a large barn, beautiful outdoor ceremony/gazebo area and surrounded by a Christmas tree farm. It was a gorgeous day for them and it was fun to be there to capture their special day! It's crazy to think I photographed MacKenzie as a flower girl in a wedding in 2005... 10 years ago! Now all grown up and beautiful! Camden Ranch Wedding Camden Ranch Wedding Camden Ranch Wedding Camden Ranch Wedding Camden Ranch Wedding Camden Ranch Wedding Camden Ranch Wedding Camden Ranch Wedding Camden Ranch WeddingTo see more of their images view the slideshow below...

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Olivia and Johnny at Chateau Rive

Olivia and Johnny held their ceremony and reception at Chateau Rive on August 14th. A perfect day getting ready at The Davenport, doing photos downtown (on a not too hot day!), with outdoor ceremony and indoor gorgeously decorated and lit up Chateau Rive. Justin with Amp'd Entertainment was there to keep the reception exciting and did an amazing job setting the mood and lighting for the party. And I don't think Olivia could have been more stunning on her wedding day, such a beautiful couple! I met with them over a year ago to talk about their big day, it's hard to believe it has already came and went. So happy I was there to capture it for them. Chateau Rive Wedding Spokane Davenport getting ready Davenport first look downtown Spokane wedding downtown Spokane wedding downtown Spokane wedding Chateau Rive wedding Spokane Chateau Rive wedding Spokane Chateau Rive wedding Spokane Chateau Rive wedding Spokane Chateau Rive wedding SpokaneTo see more of their photos view the slideshow...


Spokane Wedding Photographer / Melody and Cameron at Commellini Estate

Melody and Cameron got their good luck rain on their wedding day this past weekend, and it didn't even effect their wedding since it cleared up right in time for photos and ceremony. My first time shooting at Commellini Estate and there are so many fun little spots there... I didn't even get to use them all. Beautiful ceremony even with a fawn hanging out in the trees across the creek for guests to enjoy as they waited for ceremony to start. They had a big group of friends and family to dance the night away with - all the way to the end of the night. Pretty fun time for all! Commellini Estate Wedding SpokaneCommellini Estate Wedding SpokaneCommellini Estate Wedding SpokaneCommellini Estate Wedding SpokaneCommellini Estate Wedding SpokaneCommellini Estate Wedding SpokaneCommellini Estate Wedding SpokaneCommellini Estate Wedding SpokaneSee more in their slideshow...

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Melanie and JW

Since I'm posting Melanie and JW's wedding photos from this weekend I realized I have been so bad on my blog that I never even posted their engagement session last fall!!! So here is one of those at least... spokane engagement photoI have been better at posting 'most' recent sessions on my facebook page, but as summer comes there will be more weddings on the blog as well!

So "3-2-1 blast off" as they say for their 3/21 wedding, love that! This couple truly has a lot to look forward to in building their lives together and it's obvious they are very excited for it. It was fun hanging out with them and their family and friends all day. Turned out several of their friends are my friends as well, so it was extra fun running into people.

As you can see Melanie was a beautiful bride! Bouquet/flowers gorgeous by Esther with Special Touch. The ceremony was at Summit Church, with the reception at The Lincoln Center, which was decorated amazingly! The day couldn't have gone any better... Melanie did an amazing job planning!!! :) Congrats to you both! I am so happy for you guys to start a new chapter of your lives together!

spokane wedding spokane wedding first look Special Touch Florist spokane spokane wedding tracy jewelers spokane wedding Summit Church spokane wedding Summit Church spokane wedding bridesmaids spokane wedding groomsmen spokane wedding Summit Church spokane wedding Summit ChurchSpokane Wedding Summit Church  Spokane Wedding Summit Church spokane wedding downtown spokane wedding umbrella Spokane Wedding Lincoln Center Spokane Wedding Lincoln CenterSpokane Wedding Sparklers Lincoln CenterTo see a lot more of their photos view the slideshow below...

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Alexx and Derek at Castle Vineyards

Alexx and Derek held their wedding at Castle Vineyards in Deer Park on August 22, 2014. This was the last, but not least, wedding for the 4 siblings in Derek's family... one of those also being just this past July! It has been so fun doing all their weddings and watching this family grow with not only spouses, but all the many babies. Even Derek's twin sister couldn't make it to the wedding being she just had her 3rd baby! (Congrats Dani and Arlan!). Alexx and Derek's wedding was wonderful all together, even through a little bit of rain, but the obvious highlight was their helicopter getaway that Derek completely surprised Alexx with. I just loved her reaction! Such an amazing day and evening they had. Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park Wedding Castle Vineyards Deer Park WeddingTo see more of Alexx and Derek's wedding images view slideshow...

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Bree and Anthony in Ione, WA

What an amazing 2 day event for this couple! Bree and Anthony held their wedding vow ceremony in Ione, Washington on August 1st with their families followed by a reception in Spokane at The Service Station the next day with their friends. I didn't start off the wedding day with the normal groomsmen getting ready scene, but instead we did photos of the boys with guns! Something Anthony knows well and the guys enjoyed! After Bree was dressed we went right into the ceremony, it was beautiful down by the water. The pastor started off singing about how they met and fell in love to the song Hallelujah with the guests joining in on the chorus... so fun and creative! I also loved that they wrote each other letters about why they fell in love and locked it in a box for them to read on their 10 year anniversary (or if they are having conflict in their marriage as a reminder). I haven't seen this often and it's something I also did at my wedding... our's is still locked in the box and Bree and Anothony's wedding was also my 6 year anniversary! I was so happy to share my anniversary with this amazing couple at such a beautiful location. Bree did an amazing job with every detail. A lot of well spent time on Pinterest! On day 2 at The Service Station it was all about having a good time. Anthony's rock band from Young Life, Panda-moan-e-um, played for the crowd and started the party. There was tons of talent here between his entire band to a beat boxer and a solo-artist who wrote a song for Bree, and not to mention the guests singing and dancing.

Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione Washington Wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington wedding Ione, Washington weddingDay 2: The Service Station Spokane Wedding The Service Station Spokane Wedding The Service Station Spokane Panda-moan-e-um Do you notice the heart shadow someone is making... had no idea until I looked back through the photos!The Service Station Spokane The Service Station Spokane The Service Station Spokane WeddingThe slideshow below is of their wedding vow ceremony day. I put this together the night of/morning after, so it could be played at their reception the following day! Check it out...


Spokane Wedding Photographer / Leah and Rob in Loon Lake

Leah and Rob were married on July 25th in Look Lake, WA at a private residence. This is the 3rd wedding in Rob's family that I've photographed and love that I get to see their family expand and welcome Leah. There is no doubt this couple is very much in love and have so many people that love them! They are already on the right track with 3 kids, a beautiful family! Congrats you two! It was also fun to see 5 of my brides, and their grooms, at this wedding, with one dating all the way back to 10 years ago! Loon Lake WA wedding Loon Lake WA wedding Loon Lake WA Wedding Loon Lake WA wedding Loon Lake WA wedding Loon Lake WA wedding Loon Lake WA wedding Loon Lake WA wedding Loon Lake WA wedding Loon Lake WA wedding Loon Lake WA weddingTo see more of Leah and Rob's wedding view slideshow below...

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Courtney and Tony at Spokane Club and Redeemer Lutheran Church

Courtney and Tony weren't just High School sweethearts, but they even went to Preschool together and at the same church they were married in. How cute is that! We started the day off at Jaazz Hair Salon and The Davenport Hotel before getting in their A Little Class Limo. After taking photos downtown we headed to the Valley to Redeemer Lutheran Church for the ceremony and then back downtown to the Spokane Club for the reception. Everyone had a great time! I think the highlight of their day (besides getting married) was their limo stop to get Slurpies on the way to the ceremony! spokane wedding photos Davenport

spokane wedding detailsSpokane Wedding BrideSpokane Wedding DavenportSpokane Wedding Monroe Street BridgeSpokane wedding limoSpokane Redeemer Lutheran Church WeddingSpokane WeddingSpokane Club weddingSpokane Club wedding

Spokane Wedding Photography / Morgan and Bryce at Belle Victorian Gardens

Morgan and Bryce had a beautiful wedding day at Belle Victorian Gardens in Deer Park. They have the cutest little girl that was obviously a center of attention all day, next to her Mommy of course! Being from California I finally met them at the rehearsal dinner, but I had a really good time getting to know them over the two days! Check out their wedding day...

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Jessica and Cole at Beacon Hill

Jessica and Cole's wedding at Beacon Hill was beautifully put together thanks to some amazing vendors. Even with these two planning from out of town and with a shorter six month engagement. This couple didn't want to waste any time tying the knot, they just knew and are so in love! Jessica's make-up was flawless and done by the reputable The Make-Up Studio. Terri with Just Roses did all the flowers, and lots of flowers! Beacon Hill's food was incredible, as usual, but this was really really good! And Craig with Milestone Music had the party going even past the bride and groom's departure. To see more images check out their slideshow below....

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Julie and Jamie at Beacon Hill

After 12.5 years Julie and Jamie are finally married! October 6, 2012 was the big day at Beacon Hill. Not being from Spokane, the majority of their family and friends had to travel to be here, but so many of them would have never missed this moment! They had clear blue skies and warm weather (until the sun went down... and probably not warm at all in the opinions of the travelers from warmer climates!). They honored Chinese tradition with a tea ceremony for their family following the ceremony. The bride and groom greet and serve tea to their relatives. Julie and Jamie had made just about everything at their wedding. They both contributed with all the DIY projects and had spent the last several months making and prepping these items together. Julie even made bouquets and boutonnieres! They are such a great couple together and they couldn't stop smiling at each other all day! It was a wonderful day to be a part of. I've also had Gangnam Style stuck in my head for a couple days since it was played 3 times, haha! :)  Make-up: The Make-Up Studio, Hair: Salon Concepts, Florist: Fleur De Provence, Cake: Just American Desserts, DJ: Complete Music

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Jessica and Ryan at Glover Mansion

The Glover Mansion was a perfect venue for this couple, Jessica and Ryan, last weekend. They had the best of both worlds with an outside ceremony and an indoor reception for the rest of the evening, as the weather gets chillier now. Jessica looked beautiful and Ryan's occasional tears throughout the day showed how happy he was. Everything Jessica picked for her wedding day was so perfect and went wonderful together. Wine bottles that guests signed for the couple to drink at big anniversaries - what a cute idea! Their reception was definitely the highlight starting with their plated dinners served by Glover Mansion. Then to the lively dance party thanks to the fun bride and groom that danced the night away and Complete Music.

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Mackenzie and Joshua at St. Als and Dance Street Ballroom

Mackenzie and Joshua held their ceremony on September 21st at beautiful St. Als, where Mackenzie's mom actually works as the wedding coordinator. We did all their photos nearby on Gonzaga campus and had plenty of photo ops. They are both so easy going and I enjoyed capturing Mackenzie's smile and her laughing the most. She had such an elegant look and had some wonderful friends, that happened to be pros, to keep up on her make-up all day and make her hair just perfect. As you can see with the photos I chose below I was definitely drawn to include her and her smile in nearly all of them. Beautiful flowers were designed by Mike with Beau K. We ended the evening at Dance Street Ballroom for the reception. Couple of Chefs catered their dinner with tons of variety of food and also provided their cake and cupcakes. I've also had the pleasure of sipping on Dutch Bros. Coffee while working on their photos the last few days thanks to them! Mackenzie works there and I was given an extra thank you gift card from them, which I have almost completely used up already! :) Thank you so much for the special treat!

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Tara and Brandon at The Davenport Hotel

Tara and Brandon had a beautiful wedding at The Davenport Hotel on Saturday. The Davenport is beautiful in itself, so it's the perfect place for an elegant wedding. Tara had The Presidential Suite to get ready in, which is HUGE, and their ceremony in the Isabella Ballroom with the reception in the Grand Pennington. Brandon's daughter, Olivia, was the perfect flower girl and definitely stole the attention on the dance floor with her awesome dance moves. Tara and Brandon left for Vegas for their honeymoon, being that they met during a Poker Tournament and Brandon is a dealer... Vegas is their perfect getaway for these two! Win BIG! :)

Spokane Wedding Photographer / Stefanie and Paul in Newman Lake, WA

I had the privilege of photographing Alissa's little sister's wedding on Saturday. Alissa is a good friend of mine and also another local photographer! Her sister Stefanie married her long time boyfriend, Paul, in the backyard of their home in Newman Lake. Their backyard was transformed into the perfect wedding venue and it couldn't have worked out better. Shasta Hankins did all the girls' make-up, Marsells made the cake and Charley's Catering catered their dinner. Stefanie and Paul have been together for quite some time and have a beautiful family. They have three adorable kids together! I think their friends and family were happy to see them make the union they already had together a bit more official. :)

Thank you Alissa for trusting me with your sister's memories! And thank you Stefanie for being an awesome bride!


Spokane Wedding Photographer / Krista and Dustin at Deer Lake

Krista and Dustin have a special place in their heart for their times at Deer Lake, so it was the perfect location to celebrate their marriage. Their ceremony took place at Deer Lake Resort in a grassy area facing the lake and then moved indoors for the reception at Eagles Nest. Krista kept realizing how weird it was that she wasn't stressed or nervous about anything that day, which means she couldn't have been more happy and in the moment. In the end she knew Dustin was there and that's all that really mattered. Her son also expressed how happy he was to have Dustin in their lives and to become a family! So sweet! Slideshow: